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  Has been in the footwear industry, paper color printing, plastics rubber, textile, and electronics industries, such as cable widely used. Some well-known enterprises such as: Xiboer, big-wood, Fenghua Lithium, Chen Group, and the credit industry Shing shoes, Ka Wah electronics, textile Fumao, III and bags, suitcases crown, crown Stickies, Wing Stickies large, the new Asia, Asia and science and technology, Mattel, the tiger color printing, Hung Hing packaging, and the revitalization of packaging, the Hei Lang Group, top new group, unified enterprise, his wife medicine, Procter & Gamble, the Group Lisita Shenzhen Municipal Inspection Bureau, immigration and quarantine, quality inspection by the Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, the quality, the quality of Henan Province, Shandong Province by the quality, Fujian by companies such as the use of Quality Supervision, Inspection and generally reflect good. At the same time products are sold in other countries, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Southeast Asia and Europe, and other countries and international famous brands Beichushu: ADIDAS, NIKE and other designated for the trial Room recommended standard detection equipment.
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